Niche Idea Scorecard

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What niche should you choose for your website?

With the Niche Idea Scorecard, you can use data to help you decide.

Fill in the scorecard, and a score will automatically be calculated based on your inputs. Just for fun, it'll also show the estimated monthly revenue and site valuation.

Here's what it looks like:

You simply need to fill in the following details:

  • Niche
  • Estimated RPM
  • Estimated traffic/mo
  • Estimated traffic/page
  • Competition level
  • Seasonality

The last three columns will calculate automatically.

Once you fill in a bunch of niche ideas, you can easily compare the numbers to decide which niche to pursue.

Here's what's included in this product:

  • Niche Idea Scorecard
  • Video explaining how to use it

I was originally planning to list it for a small fee of $20 or so, but decided to list it as "pay what you want" for any subscriber of Niche Site Growth.

It would mean a lot if you did pay something, but there's no pressure. You're welcome to access it for free :)

Thanks for subscribing to Niche Site Growth, and I hope you find this scorecard useful!

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You'll get access to the Niche Idea Scorecard and a video explaining how to use it.

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Niche Idea Scorecard

3 ratings
I want this!